Honor & Respect

18.09.2021 – 18.00 uur – reserveren is noodzakelijk via: info.kuahatua@gmail.com

ma-vr: 14.00 – 20.00 uur
za-zo: 17.00 – 20.00 uur

Honor & Respect is an art exposition birthed out of the ‘Journeying into the erotic’ artist residency. During this residency 7 artist were commissioned to meditate on the speech ‘Uses of the erotic, the erotic as power’ by our great ancestor Audre Lorde. This powerful speech forms the basis of this art exposition. Honor&Respect is a silent revolution advocating for a shift in our culture. To restore honor and respect for the divine feminine. It is a call to de-objectify black femininity. To remove it out of the hyper sexual lense. The exhibition ‘Honor & Respect’ advocates that we see sexuality as merely a part of someone’s being. As a beautiful and inexhaustible source of creativity, which can make black women, femmes and non binary folks feel empowered. For it not to be a quality by which one is reduced or suppressed. With this exhibition we acknowledge that femininity can come in many different bodies. Kuchukua Hatua understand that one must not be a cisgenderd women to hold space for the feminine energy within themselves. Kuchukua Hatua finds the inclusion of LGTBQIA+ in this project self-explanatory.**This art exposition is curated and initiated by the lovely Rose-Myrtha Fortuna (IG: @artcuratorrrosemyrtha)To reserve a spot at the vernissage please email: info.kuahatua@gmail.com

For more information about Kuchukua Hatua you can visit our website at www.kuahatua.com


18 Sep - 30 Sep 2021